venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Reminder: need a wallet?

Hey guys, just a reminder!
Need a wallet?
Need a present?
Come on, it's almost Christmas, and we got you a present!
Don't forget to take part in our giveaway!


lunedì 22 novembre 2010

Riva by Chanel

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Riva is the name. The next big trend. Chanel has been so obsessed with nail polishes lately. And all of them turn out to be a big fashion trend.  Want a summary? Imperial, Rouge Noir, Nouvelle Vague, Jade, Paradoxal, Particuliere, Les Khakis, and now here it is, RIVA. According to what I found out from the Internet, it will be out in the first of december. But here are the problems that drive me crazy. Some people say that you will be able to find Riva in the Chanel boutiques 10 days before the first of december, while others say that it will be available from the first of december only in Chanel Boutiques. Oh, and last but not least, I also found that it will only be available in the Chanel boutique in Paris. 

giovedì 18 novembre 2010

Our first giveaway in collaboration with ShopAlike!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicHey everybody! Are you all good? It is so rainy here, but we thought  a giveaway could make you a bit happier. So here we are. This is our first giveaway. We're doing it in collaboration with ShopAlike. The prize? This wonderful wallet by Fiorelli Fontana. You can win it, you will just have to follow these easy steps:

martedì 9 novembre 2010

Twin set black and white dress for a special occasion!

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Hey babes! Sorry, we haven't been writing here for ages, we're so busy lately but we promise we will do our best to update the blog more often. 
Saturday there was a special occasion, and this is the outfit I decided to wear. Although it took me a bit to find the right clothes, I enjoyed shopping and looking at so many shop windows. Finding the right clothes for an event is always so hard, I would like to buy everything I see. But after a day of shopping   I finally bought this white and black TWIN SET dress, a pair of black LUCA SIMONE shoes similar to the REPETTO ones, and, a last minute pochette. I think the outfit turned out to be quite good! What do you guys think?
I can finally tell you about SKETCH-UP, a Disney Channel tv show that will be out in the end of november, in which you will see Caterina, so keep on following to know more about that! 

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