domenica 23 gennaio 2011


Jeans is great. Denim shirts are even better. For casual looks, worn just with a pair of pants, but also for elegant looks, used as a jacket with a preppy dress. It can be worn as you like: all bottened up, or opened with a nice print t-shirt, or just with a plain nice t-shirt. You can add a belt, or whatever you think will make the denim shirt look great. There's no wrong way to wear it.
Denim shirts have always been a great trend. I think it's something people will never get bored of seeing.
Here are some pictures, some taken from brands, others from bloggers we like. You can see how denim shirts can be worn. Hope you enjoy!

Il jeans è fantastico, e le camicie di jeans lo sono ancora di più. Sia per i look casual, indossate con un paio di pantaloni, sia con look più eleganti, usata come una giacchetta con sotto un vestito carino. Può essere indossata come ti piace: tutta abbottonata, oppure aperta, con sot touna t-shirt con delle stampe , oppure con una semplice maglietta bianca

mercoledì 19 gennaio 2011

Sketch Up- Disney XD

Hi guys! I feel so guilty because we've been absent on the blog here for more than a month. It's just that during the winter break I didn't always have an Internet connection available, and spent most of my time skiing or relaxing so I didn't take lots of pictures, not even during new years' eve! Speaking of holidays? How have yours been?

Aniway, moving on. I must tell you about Sketch-up, a Disney XD tv show, in which I took part. It is the first time I do something that has to do with television, so I was (and still am) very excited about it. It has been a great experience and hope to do a similar experience soon!
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